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O spoločnosti Recom Power

A success story for 40 years

Over the past 20 years, it has become common practice to purchase DC/DC converters as a finished module. This applies to all segments of the electronics industry, including industrial automation, transportation engineering, telecommunications, data technology, measurement technology, and medical electronics. Even for very large production runs, it’s rarely worthwhile for a company to develop their own DC/DC converter, particularly in view of the stringent international standards that apply nowadays. At Recom, when it comes to power conversion, we’ve always been very attentive to our customers’ needs and wishes, and have invested millions over the past decade in product development, growing our quality assurance lab, and expanding the scope of our worldwide distribution activities.This means we’re close by to our customers’ production facilities around the globe, offering the most reliable products available on today’s market ... with top-notch support – and, of course, competitive prices.
An impressive product portfolio

Our customers have at their disposal today what is probably the largest selection of converters on the market, including DC/DC and AC/DC converters in all output powers up to 150 watts; plus a broad range of switching regulators and LED drivers. Some of our innovative solutions such as the R-78 switching regulator have long since become industry standards. This is tacitly confirmed by the fact that the R-78 has been copied by many of our competitors. None came close - rely on the “original”- it pays dividends. If you need a tailored solution, our product engineers will be more than happy to help and support you.

Our partners

Our customers expect the best from us worldwide – and they get it: the best quality, top-notch innovations, and superb after-sales service and support. That’s why we offer our customers proprietary production facilities that meet the highest international standards, a network of dealers who provide sound advice, a global distribution network, and worldwide product availability. We’re globally positioned because we know that our customers want us to be there wherever they need us.

Vybrané produkty

SEARAY™ High Density Open Pin Field Arrays
Unregulated DC/DC converter ROE-0505S

The ROE/REE/RBE series are 1W unregulated DC/DC converters that are excellent value when compared with equivalent converters. They are available in three different form factors - SIP4 for the ROE-0505S and SIP7 for the REE-0505S and RBE-0505S with two alternative pinning. These series have been designed to offer high quality despite the very low cost; they offer reasonable efficiency and still meet the full industrial operating temperature range of -40° to +85° C. All converters are 100% tested in production.

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Hi–Rel 2mm Pitch Headers & Sockets
Switching Regulator R-78E5.0-0.5

The R-78E series is a low cost switching regulator module. This series has been designed to offer all the advantages of a switching regulator e.g high efficiency, wide input range and accurate output voltage regulation. The converter is fully protected against overload, short circuit and over-temperature conditions. Due to the R-78E’s high efficiency of up to 92% at an output voltage of 5V/500mA at the output, no heat sink is required. The compact SIP3 package, TO-220 compatible, measures only 11.6 x 8.5 x 10.4 mm, so it is saving precious board space.

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Ultra Compact AC/DC Power Module RAC01-05SC
Ultra Compact AC/DC Power Module RAC01-05SC

The RAC01-SC and RAC02-SC series are ultra-compact universal input AC/DC power modules for PCB mounting. They feature high efficiency, low standby power, high operating temperature, soft start and short-circuit protection as well as a built-in EMC Class B filter. Output voltages range from 3.3VDC to 24VDC. Uses include home automation, sleep-mode and standby-applications or industry controls.

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Development Boards, Evaluation Tools

LED Lighting Components

Power & Line Protection

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Development Boards, Evaluation Tools

Power & Line Protection

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