Essential Analog with ADI

In our modern world, increasingly advanced technology is permeating every imaginable area of our lives, both professionally and personally moving from learned to simplified to unnoticed. However, analog design presents a unique set of considerations—and with analog growth at a double digit rate, you need more than just a part or two, but a true general purpose analog partner.

That’s where Analog Devices and its essential analog ICs come into the picture. In order to keep up with the steadily rising demands of both consumer and industrial electronics, ADI delivers a broad range of reliable and robust analog circuits to accommodate the future of wireless, wearable and microprocessor applications.

ADI’s analog IC offerings include:

  • Efficient power ICs optimized for low-power solutions
  • Precision sensors and converter ICs ideal for measurements
  • Reliable wireless and interface ICs designed for in-circuit or remote transmission
  • Robust protection devices to screen and sustain system environments

What’s more, Farnell is uniquely positioned to integrate ADI technology into your design, speeding time to market thanks to our comprehensive product range. Together, we’re your essential analog partners!

Learn more about how Farnell and Analog Devices can help you find the perfect analog solution for your next design.

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