PXI is a "computer" for test engineers working on high accuracy, high speed and customisable test applications.

NI PXI chassis come in different sizes, but all have integrated timing and synchronization between slots. Customise your system by populating the chassis with instruments or I/O modules to take a wide variety of measurements from DC to mmWave. You can control your NI PXI System with either an embedded controller or an external PC.

NI PXI delivers an open, software-centric approach to solving test challenges with flexibility and openness that sets you up for future changes while driving down test times today.

Key features

Industry standard

You’re not locked in. PXI is an open standard with hardware available from more than 60 vendors.


Test faster with high bandwidth connections between your measurements, the latest processing technology, and your test software.


Manage change with PXI. Add measurements, more channels, new analysis routines, or upgrade to the latest processor without having to purchase a whole new instrument.

Customise your PXI test and measurement system

Choose your instrument or I/O module from the widest portfolio of industry-leading modular instruments

Shop for a built-in Embedded Controller just like you would shop for a desktop. If you want to use your laptop instead, skip the controller and choose a chassis with thunderbolt connectivity.

Select a chassis based on the number of slots you need, or will need in the future

Use the free InstrumentStudio software to interactively control your modules, or program automated test suites with LabView or the other 4rd party languages with API drivers for Python, C, .NET and MATLAB

Need help customizing your system? Talk to a test and measurement expert at Farnell to select the right solution for your application

Get started with one of our PXI bundles

Each of these bundles includes a PXI instrument in a 5-slot PXI system that is controlled through your laptop’s Thunderbolt™ USB-C port.

Use the remaining 4 slots to build on top of your system and manage change; don’t be limited by vendor-defined configurations.

PXI Oscilloscope Bundle
PXI oscilloscope bundle

PN 867011-03

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PXI SMU Bundle
PXI SMU bundle

PN 867110-03

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PXI LCR Meter Bundle
PXI LCR meter bundle

PN 867126-03

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PXI DMM Bundle
PXI DMM bundle

PN 867115-03

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PXI Programmable Power Supply Bundle
PXI programmable power supply bundle

PN 867117-03

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PXI Waveform Generator Bundle
PXI waveform generator bundle

PN 867120-03

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PXI Multifunction I/O Bundle
PXI multifunction I/O bundle

PN 867124-03

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PXI Nanovolt Meter Bundle
PXI nanovolt meter bundle

PN 867125-03

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Power Cords
Power cords


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Instruments for any application

NI offers more than 600 modular instruments based on PXI and PXI express technology.

These instruments range from DC to 26.5 GHz, including the industry’s highest resolution digitizer with 24 bits of resolution and the industry’s fastest, most accurate 7½-digit digital multimeter (DMM).

PXI Oscilloscope Bundle
PXI multifunction I/O module

Provides a mix of analog I/O, digital I/O, counter/timer, and triggering functionality in a single PXI module.

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PXI oscilloscope
PXI oscilloscope

Acquires and analyses time- and frequency‐domain analog signals as part of a PXI system.

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PXI Digital Multimeter
PXI digital multimeter

Performs voltage, current, resistance, temperature, inductance, capacitance, and frequency/period measurements, as well as diode tests, in PXI systems.

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PXI Source Measure Unit (SMU)
PXI source measure unit (SMU)

Provides precise voltage or current sourcing and measurement capabilities for PXI systems.

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Choose your controller and chassis

PXI controllers are either integrated or remote.

Integrated controllers contain everything you need to run your PXI system without an external PC, while remote controllers let you control your PXI system from desktops, laptops, or server computers. Chassis range in size from four to 18 slots to fit the needs of any application, whether you require a portable, benchtop, rack-mount, or embedded system.

PXI controller
PXI controller

Provides a high-performance, compact embedded computer solution for PXI, CompactPCI, and PXI express systems.

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PXI Remote Control Unit
PXI remote control unit

Controls PXI and PXI express systems from your PC or laptop computer through a software transparent link.

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PXI Chassis
PXI chassis

Houses PXI modules and connects them with a high-performance backplane that offers timing and synchronization capabilities.

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Choose how you like to work with flexible NI software

Build systems faster with NI’s extensive software portfolio.

Skip the programming and take quick interactive measurements with InstrumentStudio™ software, available free for download. Or build validation and production testers using TestStand test management software and the LabVIEW programming environment.

Instrument studio
Instrument studio

Control all your instruments in a single, intuitive no-code application software.

Available for free!
Test Workflow including LabVIEW
Test workflow including LabVIEW

Test Workflow contains all the components that you need in your day-to-day work: connecting to instruments, performing measurements, and analysing data.

Includes: LabVIEW, Diadem, TestSTand* (*included in test workflow pro), and more.

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