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A leading provider of all-programmable logic devices, AMD-Xilinx boasts the broadest cost-optimised portfolio of FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs and 3D ICs in the industry.

AMD-Xilinx solutions integrate superior software-based intelligence, hardware optimisation and connectivity to deliver smart, connected and differentiated systems suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from Machine Learning and 5G Wireless to Cloud Computing and Industrial IoT.

For customers interested in developing software-defined systems and environments, the AMD-Xilinx range of C and IP-based design tools also offers a proven solution. With over 4,000 patents and 60 industry firsts to their name, it’s little wonder that AMD-Xilinx has spent three decades at the forefront of powering industry advancements.

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Getting Started with FPGAs

This learning module introduces the types, concepts, architecture, and some examples of FPGAs.

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